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Vision Therapy in Kennewick and Yakima

Vision therapy is a form of physical therapy that works on both the eyes and the brain. It is a highly effective non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for a range of common visual impairments such as lazy eyes, double vision, crossed eyes, convergence insufficiency as well as certain reading impairments and vision disorders that can manifest themselves as difficulties learning. Many patients who have been told that it's too late to treat these problems or that they have no choice but to “learn to live with it," have experienced measurable benefits from vision therapy in Yakima and Kennewick, WA.

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What Does a Vision Therapy Program Entail?

Vision Therapy Programs consist the following:

  • a program of progressive vision exercises
  • performed under a doctor’s supervision and guidance
  • customized to suit the visual needs of the individual patient
  • usually conducted in a clinical setting, once or twice each week for up to an hour
  • may be supplemented with home activities and exercises between office visits
  • on a case by case basis, vision therapy exercises are prescribed to:
    •  assist patients to improve or develop basic visual skills
    •  enhance visual comfort, ease, and abilities
    •  improve the way a patient processes or interprets visual information

It’s More Than Just Eye Exercises!

Unlike more common types of exercise, such as strength or flexibility training, the purpose of vision therapy in Yakima and Kennewick is not primarily to strengthen the muscles of the eyes. In most people, the eye muscles are already very strong. Vision therapy actually enables the brain to build new and more efficient neural pathways, so that the brain starts to habitually use the eyes in a more efficient, coordinated and symptom free manner.

Vision therapy should not be confused with other types self-directed or self-help programs meant to enhance vision which have been marketed to the general public.

Devices that may enhance vision or aid in a vision therapy program include, but may not be limited to;

  • optical filters
  • electronic targets with timing mechanisms
  • occlusion devices or eye patches
  • visual-motor-sensory integration and training tools
  • balance boards and beams
  • corrective lenses
  • computer software
  • prism lenses
  • therapeutic lenses

Vision Therapy at Washington Vision Therapy Center!

A critical first step in any appropriate program of vision therapy will be a comprehensive vision exam. Once a thorough evaluation has been completed, a developmental optometrist will advise patients about what kinds of vision therapy treatments if any would be beneficial.

Here at the Washington Vision Therapy Center, our highly trained and professional staff understands the difficulty patients with visual impairments face.

Contact us today at 509-654-9256 for a consultation and find out why Washington Vision Therapy Center is Yakima and Kennewick, WA’s first choice for vision therapy.


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