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Purpose: To improve the eye’s ability to get the text clear easily and comfortably while also making sure that neither eye is suppressing. Materials: R/G glasses Flipper R/G bar reader Reading material Procedure:

1. Put on the red and green glasses and open your reading material (or take out the reading material given you by your therapist). Position the red and green bar reader over your reading material so that the stripes are going vertically up and down the page.

2. Hold your flipper in front of your eyes on either the plus (+) or minus (-) side. Read a sentence of your reading material. Notice if any of the bars on the bar reader look like they are getting dark, or if they all look like they are equally dark.

Remember: If every other bar starts going dark that means that one of your eyes is turning off. Try tapping beside that eye, snapping your fingers in your ear on that side of your head, tapping your feet, opening your periphery and focusing on all the space around you, or using any of the other methods that help you get both eyes turned back on.

3. Turn your flipper over to the other side and read the next line of your material. Always be aware of whether the words are clear or not and whether you have both eyes on.

4. Continue flipping back and forth with each sentence as you reading your material. Evaluate whether you are able to keep both eyes on and, if not, pause and try to get them turned back on.

5. If you find that the words or the bars appear to be doubling or moving around (this is often accompanied by dark bars), notice which side of the flipper this tends to happen more on. Most likely, if this occurs on the minus side of the flipper, you are converging (pointing your eyes in front of the paper). Try to remedy this by either tapping a finger on the paper to remind your eyes where they need to be pointing, or if you have practiced fusion cards, you can deliberately try to diverge your eyes to make the paper become single again. Always make the words single before attempting to clear them. If the doubling appears on the plus side of the flipper, you are most likely diverging (pointing your eyes past the paper). Try tapping again to remind your eyes where to point, and you can attempt to converge slightly to bring the paper back into focus.

NOTE: You should either be doing patched flipper reading or red/green flipper reading. Under no circumstance should any patient be doing flipper reading with neither implement. If you are uncertain of which method you were given, double check the home instructions from your therapist or call WAVTC to check.


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