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Purpose: To improve tracking and fixation of the eyes, even when mental loading is added. Materials: Eye patch (if your therapist has recommended it) Two pencils Procedure:

1. Cover one eye with the eye patch if your therapist has asked you to wear the patch for this activity.

2. Have your helper hold pencil #1 in front of your unpatched eye at a comfortable distance. Focus on looking at that pencil.

3. Have your helper move pencil #2 around #1 in a random pattern. Try to be aware of the second pencil, using your peripheral vision to tell you where it is, while still keeping your attention fixed on #1.

4. Have your helper tell you to switch and try to move your eye quickly and accurately to #2. Continue switching back and forth from pencil #1 to pencil #2 as directed by your helper until you can make accurate movements from one to the other without letting your eye get “lost” on the way.

5. Once you get good at step 4, have your helper ask you questions, and see if you can still make quick and accurate movements while thinking about their questions.

6. Try this activity while having your helper move both pencils, rather than holding one still.

7. Point to pencil #1 with one hand, while still keeping your eyes on pencil #2. Try to use your peripheral vision to guide your hand without losing fixation on #2. Switch your hand to #2 and your eyes to #1 when your helper tells you.

8. Try to do step 7 while answering questions asked by your helper.


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