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Purpose: To solidify the eyes’ ability to track with a detailed task while moving the body and reading from different gazes.

Materials: Hart Chart Two obstacles (buckets, pillows, etc.) Metronome

Procedure: 1. Position the two obstacles so that they are 3-5 feet apart. You will be walking around these obstacles in a figure-eight pattern.

2. Put up the hart chart on the wall at eye level. The hart chart should be centered in front of the two obstacles.

3. Start the first level by standing between the two obstacles and facing away from the chart. Walk to your right behind the first obstacle and coming around to the front of it. Complete a figure eight around the buckets as you read the Hart chart. Be sure to step right on the beat. This level will look like the following diagram, where X is you, the circles are the obstacles, and the line is the Hart chart. 

4. Once you have mastered this level and are able to read the chart without getting lost or losing track of the beat, try the second level. This time start with your body centered between the obstacles, facing toward the Hart chart and come in front of the bucket to your right. This will mean you will have to turn your head to keep your eyes fixed on the Hart chart. Again, be sure that you are reading smoothly and stepping right on the beat. This level will look like this:

5. For the third level walk the same way as you did on the second, only this time lead with your heels (walking backward). You should not have to turn your head to keep your eyes on the Hart chart for this level. It is especially important that you listen to the rhythm on this level, as it is much harder to keep the beat when walking backward than when walking forward.

6. For the fourth level walk the same direction that you did for the first level, only lead with your heels (walking backward). You will have to turn your head to keep your eyes on the Hart chart for this level.

7. For the fifth level start back walking the way you were walking on the first level, walking forward without having to turn your head. As you walk, step on the beat, and slap your opposite knee on the offbeat (halfway between beats). Practice keeping this rhythm (stomp, slap, stomp, slap) as you walk around the figure eight pattern. Once you have mastered this, start reading the Hart chart as you walk.

8. For the sixth, seventh, and eighth levels, simply repeat the second, third, and fourth, but add knee taps to the procedure. Always make sure that you are staying on beat and reading smoothly and consistently without skipping letters or lines on the Hart chart.


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