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Purpose: To improve the ability to coordinate the converging, diverging, and focusing of the eyes. Improvement in this skill will enhance the patient’s ability to control where their eyes are pointing and where they are focusing.

Materials: Fusion cards (provided) A pencil

NOTE: Fusion cards used for this activity include your See 3 Coins card, Lifesaver card, Picture Fusion cards, and Text Fusion Card. Use whichever of these have been indicated by your therapist.

Convergence Procedure:

1. Hold a pencil, centered between the targets on the fusion card. Look directly at the tip of the lead; observe the targets on either side without looking directly at them.

2. Slowly move the pencil toward your nose (always looking at the tip and keeping it centered between the two targets) until your see 4 circles.

3. Continue moving your pencil toward your nose. Observe the inner 2 targets approach each other until you see them overlap and superimpose. You should then see 3 targets. Stop moving your pencil at this point. .

4. The middle target should appear smaller and closer than the original two lifesavers.

5. Next, try to clear the middle target by focusing beyond where your eyes are pointing, back at the card. Remember to keep your eyes crossed.

6. Once this can be done comfortably, try removing the pencil while keeping your eyes in the same position.

Diverging Procedure: 1. Hold the fusion card in front of your eyes at a comfortable level. Try to look through the card, as if you are looking out a window.

7. Notice the two targets split into four, then fuse into three in your peripheral vision. (If you are struggling to fuse them into three, relax, open your periphery, and visualize looking very far.)

8. Flex (tighten) your focus system to clear the center target. This may feel like focusing in front of where your eyes are pointed. The center target should look larger and farther away.

9. When you have mastered getting the center target diverged and clear, try to move your head slightly to the left or right, up or down while maintaining the clarity and fusion of the middle target.


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