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Discover Vision Therapy at Your Optometry Clinic in Yakima or Kennewick

As you search for an optometry office for your vision therapy needs, you are sure to have some questions. Here at the Washington Vision Therapy Center we offer services in both Yakima and Kennewick. Our staff has worked extensively with patients who have vision development needs. Let us work with your loved one to help them see a clearer future with vision therapy services.


What is Vision Therapy?

Also called vision training, vision therapy focuses on helping with developmental vision issues. It is a form of physical therapy that works with the eyes and the brain. Often, vision therapy can be beneficial for children or adults who need to correct vision issues or improve their vision. The way a session of vision therapy works is by taking a holistic approach to vision development issues. 

What are the Most Common Vision Diagnoses that are Treated Using Vision Therapy?

Vision therapies are commonly used to treat crossed eyes, a wandering eye, lazy eye, convergence insufficiency and double vision. Other common vision diagnoses that we see here at the Washington Vision Therapy Center include learning and reading disabilities that are caused by dysfunctions a child’s vision. Through regular therapeutic sessions, our vision therapists and developmental optometrists are able to help our patients with their developmental vision diagnoses. 

Do All of Our Patients Have Vision Development Issues?

The majority of our patients still have developing visual systems because of their age. However, not all vision development issues are because of problems with visual development. Some of our patients want to get ahead with better vision for athletics, such as improved visual capabilities for hitting a baseball or making a basket. Others come to the Washington Vision Therapy Center in Richmond and Yakima in order to improve their reading abilities through better visual function. These students may have no other developmental issues, but they would like to ensure that their eyes are functioning to the best of their potential.

How Will the Optometrists at Washington Vision Therapy Center be Working With Myself or my Child? 

In addition to regular office visits for vision therapy treatments, the vision center grants resources to local educators and professionals. This helps to expand the vision therapy capabilities of our clinic. The Washington Vision Therapy Center has locations in Richmond and Yakima. We see many patients from all over Central Washington, including Pasco, Ellensburg, Wenatchee and Kennewick. Several of our services are also available online for you to freely print off and use, including a free self-assessment, workshops to attend and home activity instructions.

Seeking Vision Development Services in Yakima, WA and Kennewick, WA

Vision Therapy can be highly beneficial for patients of all ages. Make the most of vision correction treatments today. Start by calling the Washington Vision Therapy Center at (509) 654-9256 to schedule your first vision development appointment. Dr. Winters, Dr. Randall and Dr. Zollinger are ready to get started now with your seeing solution!

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You changed James' life and we will forever be grateful! His last appointment was great and better than before if possible. Sorry we won't see you again but we are so excited James is completely finished! Thank you just doesn't seem sufficient but is all we have to say! Thank YOU!!

James B.



Meet The Developmental Optometrist

Dr. Winters is board-certified in vision development and vision therapy.  In 2010, he started a vision therapy center in Yakima, Washington.  His advocacy for children that struggle with life-altering developmental vision problems has included over 100 lectures in colleges, professional groups, parent groups, and schools. He is one of the founders of Building Vision, a non-profit that raises awareness and funds for individuals struggling with these vision problems and which has given free screenings to almost 1000 children in the Yakima area.  He established the Harvest in the Heart of the Northwest Conference which is an educational seminar held biennially in Yakima, providing continuing education specific to developmental optometry. He is the clinical director of Washington Vision Therapy Center and is currently serving as the president of the Yakima Valley Optometric Society.  


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