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Visual Disabilities (Amblyopia, Convergence Insufficiency, Strabismus, Eye Tracking Problems, Improving Depth Perception)

AV found success from vision therapy.I am 8 years old and a 3rd grade student at Garfield Elementary in Toppenish. In November of 2011, my mom took me in for a routine eye exam that showed that I was having trouble focusing with my eyes. My optometrist sent a referral for an evaluation with Dr. Winters for vision therapy. During my evaluation, Dr. Winters performed a variety of tests that indicated that I was having a hard time focusing, which was causing me to overwork my eyes.

            Before vision therapy I had a hard time reading and writing. I was not able to read the words on the books that were given to me. As a result, my reading skills had decreased, as had my enthusiasm to learn and go to school. Homework was exhausting for me and for my mom. I would also get frequent headaches and my eyes were always very tired.

            I started vision therapy in February of 2012. Through the months, my vision started to improve on a day-to-day basis. I had a total of 28 sessions to complete my vision therapy. During my summer break I was able to work on my vision therapy exercises. Every week was great! I was able to see and focus better in each of my activities. Now that I’m in school again I enjoy reading very much and my homework is no longer a headache. I can read in class and not be afraid that I will lose my place during reading. I am more active at school and plan to join sports.

            I would like to thank Dr. Winters, Carrie and Adina for all their help!

AM found vision therapy to help her tremendouslyMy whole life I had double vision and I thought it was normal, until I got my eyes checked. Vision therapy helped me get rid of my double vision. It helped me be better at sports, video games, school and Boy Scouts. Vision therapy rocks!

It helped me in sports. In soccer I knew where the ball was so I could help keep it away from the goal. On video games, my scores are getting higher and I’m kicking butt on all of my games like Black Ops, Portal 2, and World of Warcraft. My school work has also been doing better. I’m getting better grades on homework, tests, and quizzes, and I am finishing my homework and reading faster.

The Boy Scouts went to camp this summer for a week at Camp Hohobas. I would have not have earned my Merit Badge in rifle and archery because I wouldn’t have been able to see the targets. I was one millimeter off from making it into the dime club for rifling.

Vision therapy helped me do more of what I want to do.

My reading skills have drastically improved

Before Vision therapy I had a hard time judging distance and catching a ball.  I would skip over math problems and workbook questions and I didn’t like to read for more than a few minutes.  

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"Now I am fourteen years old and my eyes are a hundred times better than what they were."

Hello everyone, my name is James and I am from Selah. I was thirteen when I came to vision therapy. I had no peripheral vision, I could not see far distances, and I could not read a book because my eyes would blur. When I was in class and I was reading the board, I could not read a word on it, so I would ask my friend to read it to me. My teacher told me to read my book and it was a struggle. My writing was really bad during school because I could not see the line where I was supposed to write at.

When I was working in vision therapy, my teacher could tell I was really improving. There were times I really felt I wanted to be done with it but my family kept me doing my homework. When I did my homework they would give me these tickets and if you had enough you could get a prize like an iPod or GameStop gift cards or other fun stuff. Some amazing stuff in the vision center that really helped my eyes were the bug walk and some other stuff.

Now I am fourteen years old and my eyes are a hundred times better than what they were. I played football this year for Selah Jr. High School. Eye therapy has made a big difference in how I played during football. I got a lot of sacks and tackles this year because I have peripheral vision. I have been doing so well in school that I read 9th grade books to myself.  Thank you.

"Vision therapy was exactly what I needed in my life to give me the tools I needed for everyday life."

From around the age of four, I had this bad "habit" of walking straight into things... from signs, to rails, doors, walls, mailboxes, furniture.. anything within reach. I distinctly remember my dad constantly telling me to take things slower, not to run and hurt myself, little did I know that it wasn't me.. it was my eyes! Within that year I had been diagnosed with my vision problems, including but not limited to my lazy left eye. I spent most of preschool looking like a clumsy little pirate, with my butterfly eye patches, training my left eye to work properly. Every few months my mom and I took the long drive to Seattle for my eye appointments, which was great for me because I didn't mind missing school! School work was always so difficult, the things I liked to do, reading specifically, were actually the hardest. Up until now, words would move and blur, it would give me headaches, I couldn't differentiate line from line, which made reading in front of the class a miserable task. I'd close one eye while doing close work, and would struggle to get things finished. Now, with all the exercises I have better understanding of how my eyes work, I don't have to worry about these things. Vision therapy was exactly what I needed in my life to give me the tools I needed for everyday life. I was very fortunate to have such a great therapist, she made coming to therapy fun and exciting. I did my exercises so I wouldn't let her down, (and maybe a little bit for the tickets), but boy did it pay off.

 Graduation day, here I come! - Victoria Rifa


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