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Dizziness, Nausea, Headaches

Vision therapy made my eye not crooked

Vision therapy helped me to have better sight and better depth perception. Vision therapy also helped me with catching a ball better.

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I’m pleased and thankful

My son had had vision problems since he was young, I believe since infancy, but he was always told his vision and his eyes were good. It wasn’t until about kindergarten we were told that he needed glasses. But even with glasses, it always seemed he struggled to see. I noticed he seemed clumsy at times, and he struggled with his homework. I dreaded helping him with his homework because it took about an hour or longer for him to finish it and there were sometimes tears of frustration. He hated homework and reading. 

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ac FOUND SUCCESS WITH VISION THERAPYFrom the time my son started reading he would get headaches.  I could tell at the end of a school day how much reading and focusing he had done that day.  On the days that he had to focus more he was jittery and could not sit still.  He would have headaches that were of migraine intensity, complete with vomiting.  

                We spent years taking him to doctors and specialists.  We had tests done to see if we could figure out how to help him.  At his annual eye exam at the age of 13 we visited Dr. Winters for the first time.  Dr. Winters diagnosed him with Convergence Insufficiency and suggested Vision Therapy.
                After 6 months of Vision Therapy, Allen is a different child and a different student.  He has had 2 headaches in the 7 months since starting Vision Therapy, which is a vast improvement from the 3 or 4 a week that he had been experiencing.  I thought he was just an awkward gangly boy that would someday grow into his body and his big feet.  Now, after Vision Therapy he has gained grace and coordination.   
                My son started Vision Therapy in the summer and for the first time Allen learned to water ski, though he had been trying for 3 years.  He also gained the confidence to try out for the football team and earned a spot as a receiver.  He had the confidence to negotiate the price of a snowmobile helmet from a dealer at the snow show.  He also negotiated the price of a snowmobile for himself, this from the kid who before Vision Therapy would hide behind his parents without saying a word.  During his first snowmobile ride of the season on his new machine, my son displayed balance, fast reaction times, and skill that he had not shown in the previous 3 years of riding.
                After witnessing firsthand the change Vision Therapy has made in my son, I am a FIRM believer in its benefits.  I encourage you to research Vision Therapy and talk with your eye care professional about the benefits that Vision Therapy may offer to you or a loved one.  

Comments from the 13 year old patient

Before Vision Therapy I had a hard time catching balls and doing lots of water sports.  Also, I would get headaches and migraines after reading for a while.
After Vision Therapy I have been able to do all of the things listed and some other things, such as football.
Thanks a million!

CS found success through vision therapy.Our son has suffered extreme headaches since 3rd grade. We consulted doctors and optometrists to no avail in order to discover why he was experiencing these headaches. They have affected his schoolwork, sports, and his home life. Late in 2011 the headaches started to intensify, so I scheduled another eye appointment, this time with Dr. Copeland at Costco. After various tests, Dr. Copeland referred us to Washington Vision Therapy Center. My son started therapy in spring of 2012 and continued until fall 2012, for a total of 28 weeks of therapy. It definitely wasn’t an easy road, between eye therapy homework, to the intense headaches he experienced when we first began.

In late August, Dr. Winters gave my son a pair of glasses that would help to relax his eyes when doing class work, playing handheld games, and doing other close-up work. After a couple of weeks we saw a big difference. The headaches started to subside and we started to see some real progress. My son has several issues with his eyes that contributed to his headaches and to his lack of attention when reading. The therapy, in combination with the glasses, gave him the tools to actually make his eyes do what he wanted them to do. By the middle of October, he was able to accomplish most of the activities given to him by his therapist, Annette. Annette did an amazing job working with my son. He is now able to concentrate in school and complete schoolwork in a timely manner. He is able to read more than a couple of paragraphs and was able to complete a chapter book over the summer, which was a major accomplishment. He seems to be happier and doesn’t mind wearing his glasses. He experiences extreme anxiety when he is working on a task and the glasses help to relax his eyes so he can concentrate on the task at hand. My son is now in 8th grade and starting to enjoy school and life.

If it wasn’t for Dr. Copeland referring us to Dr. Winters, the staff at Washington Vision Therapy Center, and my son making a huge commitment to help his eyes, this would not have been so successful. We are so grateful for the staff at Washington Vision Therapy Center and Dr. Winters. Thank you for making a huge difference in our child’s life.

CC found success from vision therapyAt the age of three, my son was suffering from migraines. He was always tripping and falling, and he would turn his head to the right and look out of his eyes to the left whenever he was trying to focus on something. The migraines continued to get worse. He would become nauseated and would scream for help. We took him to see two optometrists and to Children’s Hospital in Seattle for an MRI over the course of two years and still we had no answers.

While I was attending Mommy Connection, Dr. Winters was invited to speak at one of our meetings. As I listened to his stories of children he and his staff had helped I knew vision therapy was our answer. My husband and I immediately set up a consultation and learned that our son was suffering from double vision and his depth perception was off. My son started vision therapy soon after.

After two years of hard work and an amazing commitment by our son and the entire staff at Washington Vision Therapy Center, we have seen a complete turnaround. He no longer turns his head to focus, he isn’t falling any more, and his migraines are few and far between. He is now able to focus and judge depth better than ever. Now, when it is time for a bedtime story, he reads the story to me.

My family and I couldn’t possibly show enough gratitude for all that Dr. Winters and the staff at WAVTC have done for our little boy. Thank you! Written by the mother of a 7 year old with Binocular Dysfunction.

"All the exercises that I couldn’t help but think were harder than they seemed completely reversed my convergence insufficiency."

Before I first realized there was something wrong with my vision, my grades were low, I was always tired and I had terrible headaches almost every day. I was taking medicine for my headaches so often that I carried it with me everywhere I went. I thought I had headaches because of my stress. One day as I was reading a textbook at school, I notice the words began to blur and dance around the page. I knew it was odd, but decided I would just keep tabs on it for a few more days. I never noticed this much before because I had a hatred for reading ever since I was in 3rd or 4th grade. As soon as I learned how to read, I read books all the time, and was always excited to read a new big book.

As my vision problems were becoming clearer to me, I talked to my parents about it. My dad took me to get my vision checked at the Costco vision clinic. The doctors did a few simple eye exams, but for me, they were very challenging. I struggled to clear the images. Afterwards, they told me and my stepmom that I had something called convergence insufficiency. I was clueless as to what it was, or meant. I had never even heard of convergence insufficiency before. The doctor explained that I was unable to converge (like crossing your eyes) at a normal level, and that made doing my school work difficult to do when thing were so close up. He described techniques that people like me did to make things easier. These were the very same things I did to help me concentrate on my school work. Common symptoms that take place were reoccurring headaches, just like I had. I was happy to finally find what was wrong with my vision; the next step was trying to find out how to fix it.

I was referred to Family Vision Care to see Dr. Copeland, who performed a series of similar eye exams. These were also difficult for me to do. He decided to have my eyes dilated the next day, which was quite an experience. He then further explained to me, my eye condition, and treatments plans. He told me about Washington Vision Therapy Center. I had no clue that you could do therapy exercises for your eyes.

When I met up with Washington Vision Therapy Center I was to do a set of tests that were graded, one of which if you scored over a 16, meant you had convergence insufficiency. I score a 46, this helped Dr. Winters conclude that I definitely had convergence insufficiency. Later that month I had scheduled visits for the beginning of my therapy. My vision therapist, James, gave me my homework binder, and showed me some of the tools we would be using. I was expected to be in therapy for about 8 months depending on how well I progressed. I completed in 4. This amazed not only me, but my family, and many members of Washington Vision Therapy center staff. After completing my therapy sessions, I now love reading, to such an extreme, that I am now buying books ranging from 4 to 6 inches thick online and complete them in as little as 2 days. I have no use for carrying Advil with me, because the headaches have vanished. Best of all, my grades have never ever been better.

 All the exercises that I couldn’t help but think were harder than they seemed completely reversed my convergence insufficiency. I couldn’t have done it without the love and support from my family, Dr. Copeland, Dr. Winters, my vision therapist James, and the rest of the staff at Washington Vision Therapy center. I thank you all so much for helping me with my speedy recovery.


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