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Dizziness and Nausea

"Coming to vision therapy has helped me greatly with my dizziness and sharpness when working with computers at work." - Christiana Madrigal

I started vision therapy February 2014, when I came in I had problems focusing on what I was reading and always had to proof read everything. Half of what I would read I didn’t recall. I would always get headaches and dizziness when riding in vehicles with others. I also got many headaches just in general. When I would get home after work, most nights I was moody and disoriented. Where I work it requires a lot of time, being on two double computers and working with patients and surgical procedures. I would get nausea and dizziness going back and forth. I would also have eye strain reading anything and my vision would get blurry at times.

Coming to vision therapy has helped me greatly with my dizziness and sharpness when working with computers at work. I am able to finish a task in shorter time than the usual all-day task. I have less proof reading and can spot my mistakes rather than being told “please correct this.” I am able to ride in a car and not get car sick, which I’m greatly happy about since I am always demanded to be the one driving. I was taught how to handle the dizziness. I am able to multitask. Remembering how bad my vision used to be, I have surprised myself with my improvement. I have noticed my typing and writing has improved with my mental focus. I love reading, and I have to say I have bought more books that I can’t wait to read. I have actually just started my favorite book that I haven’t been able to read in years.

I continue to work on the home activities, when I feel out of balance I’ll do some extra activities with great improvement. I definitely recommend anyone to do vision therapy, it has improved my work ethic and driving with sharpness and in my field of study. The staff is wonderful and always worked with my tough schedule. Vision therapy has done me wonders and I will continue my progress at home.

Thanks to the vision therapy and to my therapist James! Great job!


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