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Vision Therapy Success Stories for Adults at Washing Vision Therapy Center

Vision therapy is not only for children. Adults who struggle with reading, peripheral vision or everyday activities have found long-lasting success through our vision therapy in Yakima and Richland. Here are examples of adults who found success!

Too much time in front of a computer screen

Before I began vision therapy, I had headaches every week, I had trouble reading, and I was very moody. If I spent too much time in front of a computer screen I would come home from work feeling very exhausted and stressed. Sometimes my eyeballs would feel like popping out of the sockets inside my head.  I thought I needed to deal with my stress, or else I needed an adjustment from my chiropractor. Even though I tried many things, they never gave me permanent relief. 

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I am a believer in vision therapy and its potential to change lives

I didn’t go to Washington Vision Therapy Center expecting anything in particular to happen. My son-in-law, James, works there as a therapist, and he and my daughter kept encouraging (nagging) me to go. I’m not really sure what they were expecting to happen either, but I’m pretty certain it wasn’t what Did happen!

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December 2014

Before starting Vision Therapy in December of 2014, I struggled in many different areas of my life. Reading was a slow and difficult task; words would blur in and out of focus, and letters and numbers never seemed to want to stay in the same place. Due to poor peripheral vision and depth perception, my friends at work would laugh at me when I would run into things and knock stuff over, because they had come to expect that I was just clumsy.  I had basically given up and expected that I would always have trouble reading and poor coordination. 

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Learning to gain control over what I felt was out of control was very empowering.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I looked at the example of a person’s vision when they have Convergence Insufficiency. I thought, finally, someone understands what my world looks like! I have been struggling with this since I was about 18 years old, and that was a long time ago. It had started to interfere with the things I loved to do, such as reading and quilting. Work was also becoming very difficult and frustrating.

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"Through my time in vision therapy, I discovered new abilities and muscle movements that my eyes had never exercised before."

Prior to getting a referral to begin Vision Therapy one year ago at the age of 26, I had never actually known that the problems that I had focusing with my eyes weren’t just normal. I had consistent problems with seeing double vision from varying distances up to 4 or 5 feet away and did not know how to focus away or how to “converge” my eyes on a single object. Because of this and a lack of ability for my eyes to follow or “track” moving objects, I always had trouble with hand-eye coordination activities and I refused to play sports like catch. I had difficulty reading, read really slow, and often got discouraged from reading more as a result. I never knew why or how I had double vision and reading problems and never knew that there was anything that I could do about it.

Through my time in vision therapy, I discovered new abilities and muscle movements that my eyes had never exercised before. I began trying out converging and diverging my focus anywhere I could. I no longer have double vision happen except for when I can control it. Working with my therapist Adina, always brought challenges for me to push myself to overcome but also lots of comfort and praise. I looked forward each week to what new activities she would show me next session. I have become more interested in reading by trying new techniques to speed read, increase comprehension, and stay focused better without losing my place. I have become more aware of how my eyes focus as I read. Reading is a much less daunting task now and I am able to read more frequently and stay focused for longer without losing my place every page. Vision therapy has helped me become aware of how I function in daily life and how to troubleshoot and hone my vision skills through everyday activities.

- Kevin Lane


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