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Yakima And Kennewick Residents Can Reduce Difficulty Reading With Vision Therapy

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Difficulty Reading Due to Vision Issues Does Not Need to Slow Your Child Down

If your child has difficulty reading due to issues with vision impairment, we can help. We see many cases of young people struggling to see the school blackboard or their textbooks, and we make our mission to provide the latest vision therapy treatments to help your child read easily and thrive. Dr. Ben Winters, along with the rest of the vision team at Washington Vision Therapy, love making a difference in a young person's life, helping them change course from a struggling and frustrated student to someone who cannot be stopped.

What Types of Developmental Vision Problems May Cause Difficulty Reading?

You may know precisely why your child has difficulty reading, or it may still be a mystery to you. It may help put your mind at ease to consider a few developmental possibilities as to the reason behind your child's vision condition and their struggles in reading, including the following:

  • Amblyopia or Lazy Eye. This developmental condition occurs when one eye becomes less functional than the other due to some type of neglect of use. When neural pathways that connect the eyes and the brain do no develop, amblyopia is a possible result. With this condition, your child may experience blurred vision in one or both eyes.
  • Strabismus or Wandering Eye. In the case of strabismus, either the patient's eyes do not properly align or the connection between the nerves and muscles is not correct. This condition may stem from wearing glasses, or it the root cause may be developmental or genetic.
  • Convergence Insufficiency. With convergence insufficiency, the sufferer's eyes do not work together when trying to look at an object close-up. We have found that vision therapy is particularly effective when working with this condition to help reduce frustration, fatigue, and stress, which may present in headaches, eye strain, and double vision.
  • Accommodative Dysfunction. Whether near or far, patients who suffer from accommodative dysfunction cannot focus one or both eyes. They may experience this condition when looking at an object near-to-far or far-to-near. Glasses and other corrective eyewear alone will not help this condition as significantly as pairing the eyewear with regular vision therapeutic treatments.

We Offer Eye Therapy in Kennewick and Yakima for Any Vision Condition

Our caring eye doctor and support staff is here to help you help your child improve their reading and feel more confident and happy. Your child will appreciate your commitment to their educational development, realizing you have not given up on them and their infinite capability for learning and educational success.

If you are worried about a mysterious vision condition barring your child from reaching and exceeding their potential, reach out to us so we can start working together.


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