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Frequently Asked Questions About Amblyopia in Yakima and Kennewick

You may have heard the term "lazy eye" used in connection childhood vision problems. But this vision problem, more properly known as amblyopia, doesn't resolve itself in childhood; it may persist throughout a person's life if it is not corrected early. If you're puzzled and concerned about this form of visual impairment, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about amblyopia in Yakima and Kennewick.

FAQ about Ambylopia from Washington Vision Therapy Center

  • What is amblyopia? Amblyopia, also known as lazy eye, is a condition resulting from abnormal visual development. It occurs when the vision center of the brain discounts the visual signals from the eye in favor of those of the other eye. The eye itself may be perfectly capable of seeing, but the information it's sending is ignored or minimized by the brain.
  • What are the symptoms of amblyopia? Amblyopia may show few symptoms, and the affected person may not be aware of a problem. Crossed eyes (strabismus) may point toward a case of amblyopia. Children who tend to bump into objects on one side or the other, or who requires a very different corrective lens prescription for each eye, may have amblyopia.
  • Why is it so important to treat amblyopia? The loss of binocular vision can cause severe visual and perceptual limitations. Without proper depth and distance perception, everyday activities that require balance and coordination may prove difficult or even hazardous. If the condition is allowed to go untreated, the neural pathways may stabilize to the point that regaining full of the eye later in life is all but impossible.
  • How does your Yakima optometry center detect amblyopia? Our Yakima optometry center administers a comprehensive eye exam to look for signs of functional vision problems such as amblyopia. In addition to examining the difference in refractive errors between eyes, we may also perform a "cover test" to check each eye's focusing power -- a possible factor in the brain preferring one eye's visual data over the other.
  • How can vision therapy address the symptoms/difficulties associated with amblyopia? Our optometrists will first correct any refractive errors in both eyes that might be causing the brain to prefer one eye's signals over the other. We may then employ patching or eye drops, if necessary, to force the brain to strengthen its reliance on (and communication with) the "weaker" eye.
  • How can I make an appointment with the optometrists at Washington Vision Therapy Center? You can contact us by calling 509-654-9256 to schedule an appointment at our Yakima office or Kennewick office. You can also use our website's "Request Appointment" form.

Need More Answers in Yakima or Kennewick? Contact our Optometry Center

Washington Vision Therapy Center is happy to answer all your questions about amblyopia and provide the answers your family members need to treat this significant vision challenge. Don't be lazy about a case of lazy eye -- contact us today at 509-654-9256 to schedule an appointment at our optometry center!


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