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Do you or your child need vision therapy in the Yakima or Kennewick area? If so, our optometrists at Washington Vision Therapy Center can help treat your functional vision problems. We offer vision therapy treatment which helps deal with and correct developmental issues with a person's vision. While children are our most common patients, we frequently treat adults as well. It is never too late to improve the function of the visual system.

Vision therapy is similar to physical therapy for the eyes, incorporating and training the part of the brain that controls vision. It can make the tracking of the eyes more accurate, increase the ability to focus up close and far away with ease, and teach the eyes to point in the same spot in space without causing headaches or eye fatigue. While surgery is something that may be considered at some point with some patients, it is not necessary for everyone, and exploring what positive outcomes vision therapy can provide is often the most beneficial and least invasive treatment option.

Conditions Treated by Vision Therapy

We treat the following conditions:

  • Amblyopia (lazy eye)

 Amblyopia is a developmental condition that results in one eye becoming less functional than the other due to some sort of neglect. It happens when the neural pathways that go from the eye to the brain don't develop as they should. Because the visual pathways from the neglected eye to the brain aren't stimulated properly as a result of this, the child can have blurry vision in one or both eyes, even if they are wearing their correct prescription. We treat both children and adults with amblyopia.

  • Strabismus (wandering eye)

In this condition, eyes do not maintain their correct alignment. Other times, it is the connection between the nerves and the muscles that is wrong. Occasionally, the need for glasses causes this condition, and still other times, it has something to do with the development or genetics. Only a thorough examination will reveal the proper way of treating it. We treat children and adults with this condition at our practice.

  • Convergence insufficiency

This is when your eyes don't work together as they are supposed to in order to point at up-close targets. We can use vision therapy to remedy this in children, which can make school work less tiresome and reduce stress symptoms such as headaches, eye strain, and double vision.

  • Brain trauma and vision

A brain trauma injury can affect vision in a number of ways. We work with patients of all ages who have experienced traumatic brain injury, using vision therapy to restore vision to what it should be, which improves not only vision, but quality of life, as well.

  • Accomodative dysfunction

When you have trouble focusing in one or both eyes at either near or far, or going from near to far (or far to near), this is called accomodative dysfunction, and it is not correctable simply by using glasses or contact lenses. Fortunately, vision therapy works well to improve and correct this issue.

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You changed James' life and we will forever be grateful! His last appointment was great and better than before if possible. Sorry we won't see you again but we are so excited James is completely finished! Thank you just doesn't seem sufficient but is all we have to say! Thank YOU!!

James B.